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Eat your veggies and get plenty of iron

The top 5 Legumes to add to your diet
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Those who claim that a vegan diet lacks protein and iron probably don’t know much about legumes.

In fact, legumes are packed with protein and iron!

100 grams of cooked lentils provide 3.3 mg of iron, while 100 grams of chicken breast provides 1 mg of iron and the equivalent amount of beef provides 2 mg.

Although iron from legumes isn’t absorbed as well as iron from meat, you can improve its absorption by eating vegetables with your meal, or by soaking the legumes before cooking.
While the body cannot regulate iron from meat consumption, the body can regulate legume iron, so there is no risk of consuming excess iron.

Legumes also provide a good amount of protein.
For example, a cup of cooked lentils 18 grams of protein – more than the amount of two eggs!

People used to believe that we need to combine grains and legumes in one meal in order to get a protein with all the essential amino acids.
However, that myth has been debunked! Today, studies show that It is enough to eat legumes and grains in the same day to get high-quality protein.

However, Soybean is the exception, as it contains a whole protein by itself! eating so stea

Another interesting fact about legumes is that they keep you full for long periods of time, thanks to their unique combination of protein and dietary fiber. In fact, a recent clinical study found that vegan (bean) meatballs to be just as satiating as beef meatballs!

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