Moroccan dry fruit Tajine- TANZIA -Recipe – SOY TASTY

Moroccan dry fruit Tajine- TANZIA -Recipe

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4-6 soy steaks

4 chopped onions

2 sliced carrots

4 chopped garlic

A glass of sweet wine

A glass of water

A full tablespoon of dates syrup

10 dried black plums

10 dried apricot

1- 2 tablespoon of raisins

1 spoon of brown sugar

Paprika, Teaspoon of cumin,  Nutmeg, Salt, and pepper…



1. Cook the soy steaks in a vegetable broth for 20-30 minutes until soft.

2. Squeeze out excess water by placing between 2 plates or by using a rolling pin.

3. Cut the soy steaks into squares

4. In a large skillet fry the onions until golden, add the brown sugar. Mix well together. Add the soy steaks, garlic, and onion. Mix well for a few minutes.

5. Cover all with the wine, water, and the dates syrup, 20 minutes after add also the dried fruits and the rest of the spices.

6. Cook for 40-60 minutes  on a small burner

Serve warm!

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  1. michal says:

    A Super tasty recipe for the winter.

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