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Best Recipes for Soy Meat

Vegan soy steak Fajitas

Fajitas- Receipe

Ingredients: 1-3 soy steak Oil Sweet, smoked and spicy paprika Salt Pepper Garlic cloves Onion Red pepper Mushrooms Preparation: 1. Cook the soy steak in boiling […]
soy bourguignon

Soy Bourguignon – Recipe

ingredients:  2-4 Soy Steaks A mix of powder and spices:  dried shiitake mushrooms, dry rosemary, and dry onion chipset, dry garlic chipset, 2 bay leaves, black […]
Vegan Steak

Soy Steak -Recipe

    Ingredients: 4 pieces of soy steak A mixture of steak spices Barbecue sauce Oil Preparation: 1. Cook the soy steak in boiling water 2. […]
Soy Shnitzel the best vegan meat

Schnitzel Fingers – Recipe

Ingredients: 3 pieces of soy steaks Oil Spices: curcumin; powdered soup of choice Wheat flour/ hummus flour, or both Breadcrumbs Mustard and garlic powder- optional Preparation: […]