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How soybeans consumption lower cholesterol?

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What do legumes have to do with blood sugar levels?

The Same Vitamin, Different Effect, When you consume protein, iron, and minerals it depends on where you consume it. it's going to have a different effect on your body. Legumes and blood sugar level

Good news for legume and Soybeans-lovers out there! besides the protein, soybeans affect your health positively.

soybean to avoid cholesterol and sugar blood level

Soybeans and good cholesterol level

What do soybeans have to do with cholesterol?

Soybeans can actually help to lower cholesterol levels!

Studies found that the dietary fiber in legumes (soybeans) can help lower blood cholesterol, and its antioxidants can prevent the dangerous oxidation of LDL (“bad cholesterol”).

Additionally, legumes are almost completely devoid of saturated fat, which increases cholesterol and LDL.

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