Soybean – SOY TASTY


soy steak

“Cuts” of steak in a skewer -Recipe

  Ingredients: 2-4 soy steaks Sunflower oil Grill spice, sweet Smoked and spicy paprika Optional: garlic, Coriander seeds, Bay leaves Salt and pepper,…   Directions: 1. […]
Vegan Nuggets

Nuggets -Recipe

For around 20-30 Nuggets Ingredients: 8-10 soy steaks – 1 bag vegetable oil 4 cups Wheat flour/chickpea/red lentils /yellow peas flour or mix grill spices garlic […]

The top 5 Legumes to add to your diet

1. Lentils – contain three times more iron than chicken. 2. Soy – high in protein and calcium; helps to prevent breast cancer. 3. White Beans […]

Eat your veggies and get plenty of iron

Those who claim that a vegan diet lacks protein and iron probably don’t know much about legumes. In fact, legumes are packed with protein and iron! […]